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About Us

Administrator: Wen-Ching Hsieh, Ph. D.

A retired engineer, burdened with Christian missions, have traveled to Taiwan and joined Guogou Church at Chiayi County as a voluntary teacher and a missionary coworker since 2009. He also joined “Amazing Grace Choir” on Annual Taiwan Jail Mission since 2010 and “Advent Taiwan” bi-lingual summer camp in 2012. He teaches classes on English, Violin, Ukulele and Cajon Box; designed and taught a Science Lab Class at Yi-Chu Middle School, presented several seminars to Guogou Middle School students, serves Elder groups, Bible study sessions and various church activities in Guogou Church.

He had been in Churches since his teens, and baptized in 1990; started with Presbyterian churches, later joined an Assemble of God Church [清泉谷教會] and served as the Choir Conductor for six years; and then joined Saddleback Church as a small group host. Presently, he is with the Bread of Life Great Park Church (BOLGPC) [大公園靈糧堂].

He is currently a member of Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble, and was the Chairperson of Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale in 2012 and 2013.

He designed Church web sties powered by WordPress.


Amazing Grace Choir for Taiwan Jail Mission

Amazing Grace Choir was started at Formosan Evangelical Church, Irvine, and entered Taiwan jails to preach the Gospel to the inmates since 2006. Elder Chinyuan Huang is the conductor and Pastor C. F. Chuang is the lead Pastor of the Choir. More singers joined later and the Choir split into two teams in 2011 and into three teams in 2014.

The Choir also donated fund to build the Chapel and to purchase piano for several jails. Many inmates answered the calling and some of them were baptized later by the followup teams of the local church or missionary. The statistics are shown in “Amazing Grace Choir Mission Summary“.


Advent Taiwan and the Other Groups

Advent Taiwan is a bi-lingual summer camp organized by Dr. & Mrs. Joseph and Esther Chang. Since 2005, they led young Taiwanese American students back to Taiwan to teach English each summer, while the weather is hot and humid. The young American students spent their summer, sweating in the field of Taiwan, not only teaching English but also communicating the love of Jesus Christ to thousands of young hearts there. Last couple years, the number of English teachers grew to over 120 and the number of schools grew to over 55 with approximately 10,000 students.

Other Groups

  • In 2009, a Saddleback Church Peace Team was organized to join the Taiwan flood disaster recovery effort. The Peace Team visited Guogou Church and presented a Concert at the Church for the community.
  • In 2010, Dr John Stark, a retired Biochemist, visited Guogou Church for over 40 days and taught English lessons to school students.
  • In 2014, Pastor & Mrs. Chou from BOLGPC stayed at Guogou Church for two weeks.
  • In 2014, Dr. & Mrs. Wu and Elder & Mrs. Huang visited Guogou Church.

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