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Missionary Update — Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring 2015

Have not posted for several months but kept busy in missionary works.

Joined Amazing Grace Choir for Taiwan jail mission in October, 2014 and stayed after casting my vote on 九合一選舉 (Nine in one election). In the almost 3 months stay in Taiwan, I spent most of the time in Guogou Church for missionary works, doing the same tasks as before and adding a few, including teaching ukulele classes. I returned to Taiwan in late February this year, for another 3 months stay to continue my missionary works. This time, Guogou Church asked me to add English Bible study, seminar for Youth Group and Elder Group as well as music teaching classes on violin, ukulele and Cajon box.

In the coworkers book reading sharing session and weekly Bible study, I shared my thoughts on evangelizing Gospel in Taiwan villages based on “Honor/ Shame” cultural background. We started to aware that the influence of culture on receiving the Gospel and Christianity, particularly in Taiwan villages that are dominated by traditional religions which is a mixture of “Honor/Shame” and “Fear/Power” culture.

To my surprise, during a Prayer meeting, one of the VGM pastor commented on the bias of applying Western culture on the missionary works in Taiwan villages. I think that as a missionary worker, we have to pay attention on the differences in cultural background when we try to evangelizing – spreading the Gospel.

Here are some references that I have started to collect and study:

  1. Honor (and Shame) in the Gospel; http://themissionnetwork.org/honor/
  2. Honor-Shame Resources; http://wernermischke.org/resources/
  3. The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures by Jason Georges; http://www.amazon.com/The-3D-Gospel-Ministry-Cultures-ebook/dp/B00OV4FVMS

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