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Experiencing Fish Farming

“Ever Green” small group in Guoguo Church consists of the elderly villagers from the local community. The group had grown to over 20 members and meet weekly to engage various activities, including art crafts, drama, painting, flower arranging, baking and outdoors, etc. Most of them are not baptized and this group is an out-reach effort of the Church.

On Wednesday (5/15) morning, the group visited a fishing pond in Augo Wet-Land Forest Park, north of Donshih Township. The 16 elders, Ruth, her son Carl, the tour guide and myself traveled with four cars. I drove the Camry with the men. The weather is warm and breezing with some clouds.


Arrived at the site, the tour guide gave a short introduction on the facilities and the activities. After a short break of drinking tea, we went to experience the fishing farming.


The first one it to row a boat around a pond that is full of sea-weed. The depth of the water is only 40 cm and is safe for the adults. We use fork tool to collect the sea weeds. Some of the sea weeds was cooked for the lunch.


The second activity is cane-fishing. The fishing line with the hook is attached to a short bamboo stick. A small piece of bread on the hook is to lure the fish. There are two kinds of fish, the Wu-Guo and the small blow-fish. 




The third activity is clam-fishing by hands. The pond is only knee deep. We put hands through the mud and catch the clams.


After the activities, the lunch was served. The menu included shrimp, oyster soup, boiled chicken, steam fish, sea-weed/egg cakes, fry noodles and a special wild-clam (red-clam). The group enjoyed the outdoor activities and had a fellowship time. 

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