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How Do We Serve the Community?

In this article “We don’t believe in the term ‘superhead’ – the disadvantaged don’t need rescuing”, Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis charity and academy chain, wrote:

Oasis does not believe in a culture of “them” and “us”, “hero” and “rescue”. This shallow rhetoric, which sadly still creeps into the language of some educationalists is, for all its good intentions, rooted in the same soil as “poverty porn”. It leaves people feeling disenfranchised and has the power to stigmatise whole communities.

At Oasis, we often say that we never come to do things “for” people, which patronises them. Or “to” people, which disempowers them, but always “with” people – only this will empower them. We are not the hero who rides in over the hill to turn things around.

This remind me of how we serve the community — “with” people. (more…)

Why Gospel of Mark?

We chose Gospel of Mark as the weekly reading for the Out-Reach Small Group. Why? Here are five reasons:

  1. The writer of “Mark” who first put the words, works and last week of Jesus’ life into a coherent whole.
  2. It is the earliest of the four Gospels and is the closest to Jesus’s time.
  3. It is the rawest of the gospels. It is the most unpolished, with a lot of rough edges.
  4. It is the most focused of the gospels.
  5. Mark is the shortest gospel.

The focus is to portrait Jesus as the “suffering Messiah”, and the “servant savior”.

Out-Reach Small Group

Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believe and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned” Mark 16: 15-16.

It is the duty of our Christians to go out, reach many non-believers and let them know the good news so that they can be transformed and saved from the sins of this world. With this in mind, Ruth asked me to co-host an “Out-Reach Small Group” in Sunday night from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. She also asked three Church sisters to join so that they can learn how to host a small group in the future. (more…)