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Bike Ride to Budai

Yesterday morning (8/27) was sort of cloudy and mild temperature. The movement of typhoon “tembin” 天秤 is still uncertain. I decided to try a bike ride to Budai. On the way to Budai, I took some photos of the landmark sites, government buildings and the temples. On the way back, I did not stop to take photos in order to estimate the time of the biking. It was a short ride of about 30 minutes with a moderate speed. There were not many people or vehicles on the road and the ride was pleasant.


Taiwan Folk Religion

Last year, I visited Guogou church for one month in June. There were festivals to celebrate the local deities. One day, I watched eight buses loaded with tourists drove by and curious about what happened. The villagers told me these tourists were from other towns, some were from far away to join the celebration. Later, I saw parades in different days on different streets. They told me each parade was for the deity in that surrounding area. I took some pictures without knowing what are those deities


Music Education in Taiwan

I was fortunate to learn violin playing in private lessons 50 years ago when this considered being the privilege of the elites and the rich class. Today, I am asking the same question “Is playing violin only the rights of the elite and the rich?” (more…)