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Guogou Church

Gougou Church is one of the fourteen Gospel Centers of Village Gospel Mission (VGM) in Taiwan. Ruth Young started this center in early 2008 and established the connection with Ruth Care and Development Association in supporting the missionary work around Guogou, Chiayi area villages.

Ruth and her friend bought two adjacent 3-story buildings near the boundary of Donshih village and Budai township for the missionary works of the Gospel Center; consists of a Sanctuary for Sunday worship, Bible studies, and Sunday Schools, office/kitchen area, class rooms for after-school tutoring as well as living rooms for the coworkers/guests and the living quarters for missionary groups.

Ruth recruited three coworkers, Pastor Shulin, Class Teacher Eunice and Association Secretary Fanny. Two years ago, a couple returned from New Jersey, US to live in Guogou village and joined the Village Gospel Mission to serve in Guogou Church. There are Elementary and Junior High after-school tutoring classes with about 60 students in total; a women Choir, Elder group and Bible study, Women’s book study club, Youth group and Children Sunday schools. There are Classes for English, piano and violin lessons.

Ruth believe the out-reach efforts to serve the community and therefore, established many social services. The out-reach efforts brought many villagers, young and old to the Center. There were 5, 6 and 2 persons baptized in 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively. The Association received the government award of Excellency in Education, 2012 (101年度『社教公益獎』).

The missionary works at Guogou Church drew supports from many organizations, institutions and visitors from Taiwan and aboard. This mission is truly blessed by God. We welcome you to visit and join our missionary works.