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Class Outline

Shortly after I arrived at Guogou,  the Principal and three teachers from I-Zhu middle school visited me at the Center. They invited me to join the School’s “Science Laboratory Program” that was funded recently.  Particularly, they wanted me to design a 10 weeks laboratory classes/experiments for the 7th graders.

In a follow-up visit to the School laboratory, I found  they only had limited resources — out of date instruments, equipment and glassware sets. Added to these is the limited budget. I searched the web sites and found that 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry and the designed laboratory program fits the School’s low budget. After discussing with the teachers and the Principal, we designed and implemented a 10 weeks classes/experiments. The students were in high spirits and learned a lot. Since this program is a trial and only selected students were attended. I hope the School can expand this program to all students.

Session One (9/4/2012)

First Class

International Year of Chemistry (聯合國2011化學年) — Power Point Presentation 

International Year of Chemistry: Waters – A Chemical Solution (Video 影片)

Chemistry in Everyday Life (Lecture) — Reference document Chemistry and Life

Chemistry: All about you (Video 影片)

Second Class

生命之水 2005 -2015 (聯合國) 生命之水- background

生命之水 – 2011 生命之水 – 2011

Protecting Water Quality for People and the Environment (Video 影片)

東石–氣候暖化與地層下陷 (ppt) 

Third Class

Critical Water Properties for Life (Video 影片)


  1. Cohesion
  2. Adhesion
  3. Modulation of Temperature
  4. Expansion on Freezing
  5. Solvency

Fourth Class

Global Water Experiment (International Year of Chemistry) (Video 影片)

  1. pH
  2. Salinity
  3. Filtration
  4. Solar Still

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