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Taiwan Mission Trip — Spring, 2016

In this Taiwan trip, I saw the blooming of community self-reliance projects. With the new government planned policies, I am filled with hope of Taiwan’s future.

I attended RCDA (路得關懷發展協會) annual meeting, RCDA and Guogou Church has been operated since 2009.

I attended Program the World 協會成立大會 and joined as a member. Professor Alvin Su started Program the World 「兒童與少年程式教學計劃」2-years ago in Chiayi, including the youth from Guogou. “Program the World 協會” will expand the 教學計劃 which includes “3D Printing”. This article was just published recently (3/29/2016) by 遠見雜誌走入偏鄉教程式 成為孩子生命的光 —《遠見雜誌》2016年4月號 Most of the kids in the video were my violin class students. They had completed Suzuki Vol. 1 but now they switched to computer class with Professor Su. I don’t blame them. I may choose the same path as they did.

Professor Su also used flying -V to raise funds for his projects. flying-V service is a platform for people to raise capitals (funds) for their project in Taiwan.

I met Dr. 胡湘玲 and her husband Dr. 韋仁正 in Taiwan. They live in Germany and come back to Taiwan regularly. They are members of 台灣汗得文化協會。And they started 一人一千瓦社會企業 。We discussed the installation of Solar PV panels in Chiayi countryside.

The New Taiwan Government plan to expand “Green Energy” (綠能)。I watched this report “數字台灣HD94綠能產業新未來“。It focus on Solar Energy – – history, future, technology, and economics. 值得一看。太陽能應往地面型發展 (佔 75%)、太陽能系統可用30 – 50年 [屋頂型使用期較短]。需求是每年2位敷的成長。Another business direction – 聯結太陽能和智慧型架構、物聯網是一個關鍵技術。

I taught Evergreen Class (長春課程), a community class at Guogou Church. My topic is 『生命的四季』– How we view death and birth.

Here is a book I strongly recommend to read — The Zero Marginal Cost Society (物聯網革命) by Jeremy Rifkin. Taiwan has the potential of becoming the leader of the world on this new technology.

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