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I-Hon, a Chinese bride married to a Taiwanese elementary school teacher, borne a  beautiful daughter and a smart son. She is a faithful church member, and a choir member. On her way to Thursday choir rehearsal, she was hit by a motorcycle a few hundred feet from the Church, broke her legs in three places and suffered a heavy bruise on her head close to her eye. We rushed her to hospital emergency for treatment several miles away. The next day, she went through a successful surgery and her eye and head were found in good conditions.

Years ago, on the way home from school, her daughter was hit by a motorcycle. Later, her daughter passed away because of the heavy injury. I-Hon and her husband went through a long period of deep sorrow. With the help of the Church, they were gradually recovered from the tragic event. This Spring, they attended our Sunday night class to learn more about the Bible and Christian faith (see my earlier post “Out-reach Small Group“). We are hoping that they can leave the tragic death of their daughter behind. But now, with this incident, how can they accept this is their fate? We, the coworkers of the Church are trying to do whatever we can to comfort I-Hon and her husband.

A few of our Church members were hit by the motorcycles and suffered injuries. The people here drive motor vehicles in high-speed passing the countryside roads. Frequently, the drivers are in a hurry and don’t follow the traffic rules. The road shoulder area is generally narrow with motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians sharing the limited space. The fast pace and the road conditions are guaranteed the incidents to occur. This remind me of a book I am reading “The Slow Church“. In it, the author calls for a change of our pace of life to deal with the stress and striving of our hurried life style.

When a suffering was caused by the wrongdoings of others, how we Christian deal with the anger raises naturally from within? How we explain why the suffering came to us? Hope we can find the answers from reading the Bible, and receiving the help from our Pastors and our Church members.

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