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Future of Evangelism

A few years ago, Patheos has assembled a collection of essays addressing the “Future of Evangelism”. The scope of the discussion covered a wide range of themes, e.g., “Transforming the Church”, “Transforming the Culture”, “Transforming the Society”, and “Transforming the Evangelical Ministry”, etc. These discussion tried to answer the questions on how evangelicals shape the future of American Christian, influence culture, engage in politics, and respond to the fast changing life styles.

I am particularly interested on the transformation within the Evangelical faith because in 2009, Michael Spencer wrote his “Coming Evangelical Collapse” posts and he predicted evangelicalism is going to decline quickly to a smaller, more chastened, more diverse, less influential form. In 2010, Scot McKnight wrote an article “The Old Coalition Is Passing.”  In his article, Scot observes that the old coalition of evangelicalism has fragmented into three prominent streams:

  1. The ancient-future movement spearheaded by Robert Webber,
  2. The emergent/emerging movement spearheaded by leaders like Brain MacLaren, and
  3. The revival of Calvinism among the NeoReformed spearheaded by John Piper.

Scot McKnight mentioned that some evangelical denominations, mega-churches and para-church ministries still have great influence but the above three movements attracted many Evangelicals and attentions from both inside and outside of the Evangelical circles.

Internet Monk has tracked these three movements and published many posts on them. These posts can become a valuable resources for people to understand how these movements evolved and to observe if Evangelism is indeed declining.


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