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What “Gospel” are we preaching?

Since I am a layperson, I was reluctant to discuss the sermons preached from the pastors openly; particularly those involved in politics and doctrines. Now, I was retired for five years and approaching seventies, the inner voice told me that I can talk openly in a way not to offend people. So, here I am.

Back in 2009, I have read “Absent Gospel” series in “Internet Monk”. Here are the link to “Absent Gospel” series 1 and series 2.

At that time in 2009, I had many questions on the Evangelical churches’ preaching on the “Gospel”. The reading of “Absent Gospel” series answered some of my questions. Following up the reading, I did a Bible Study exercise on “Gospel” though I am not completely satisfy with it (please see the study “GOSPEL” — A Bible Study _ NTU Alumni Chamber Ensemble, a print out from my closed WordPress site, now a Private site).

Many friends from my Church and myself are diligently working on “outreach”, e.g., Advent TaiwanAmazing Grace Choir Taiwan Jail Mission and Village Gospel Mission, etc. Therefore, what kind of “Gospel” we are preaching is utterly important.

At Guogou Church last year,  a visiting Pastor and his wife from another Village Gospel Center discussed about his experience in preaching the Gospel. He told us that the way he was preaching the Gospel in America is not working in his Church now. After two years of struggling, he found a new way to preach the Gospel, by hospitality and love, using the language and the stories that the villagers understand. Particularly, the villagers are more concerned about the injustice, the oppression, and the sufferings from the inequality than the personal piety and the moral purity.

Ruth, the Sectary General of RCDA (Ruth Care and Development Association), once told me that she is less concerned about how many people baptized in Guogou Church. She is more concerned about the welfare of the villagers. Her loving and caring won the hearts of the villagers. In Guogou Church, there are fewer judgmental and more loving messages in the sermons. Many of the church members are the poor, the sick and the uneducated. There are numerous tragical and life changing stories happened which will move many people into tears and thanksgiving.

I have recently ordered Scot McKnight’s book “The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited”. Here is his YouTube video clip relating to his book.


I hope to gain more insight into what kind of “Gospel” Jesus was preaching. Here, I would like to invite you to join this journey to get closer to Jesus’ Gospel.

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