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Guogou Center Visit – January 23 through January 25, 2010

I had an ear-infection. In the morning of January 23 (Saturday), Ruth took me to Chang-Gung (長庚) Hospital for treatment on the way to pick up Ms. Liao (Yichia) at HSR station. I was very impressed with the buildings/facilities of the hospital. The doctor and nurse were very kindly and professional.

Yichia came to teach piano lessons for the children when Ms. Chong was on vacation. Yichia also assisted me in teaching EFL classes. We practiced a special music for Sunday’s worship. The music piece is “This is My Father’s World” by F.L. Sheppard and arranged by Cathy DeRouse for violin solo with piano accompaniment.Pastor Chen and his wife from Chiayi Baptist church visited Guogou center on Sunday. Pastor Chen gave a sermon at the Sunday worship service. He was born in Guogou and has many relatives here. After the worship service, the church members had lunch together.

In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Wang from Shin-Gong visited us again. They brought the hand crafted wooden crosses for our gift. They showed us their “stone-shoe” collections and exhibition on the web. (http://george.chiayi-taiwan.net/cgi-bin/rstone001.pl?page=13). We discussed the Jazz drumming classes for the youth and the cooperation with Guogou High School. Praise our Lord! Guogou center has prayed for a youth worship band and our Lord brought Mr. and Mrs. Wang to help.

Monday (January 25), I went with Ruth and Shui-Jao to Chi-Tao, the scenic forest managed by National Taiwan University at Nantou County. It was about one and one-half hour driving from Guogou. When we left Gougou, the weather was cloudy.

The forest was beautiful and it brought back memories of my NTU graduation trip to Chi-Tao 42 years ago. We walked along the scenic routes and stopped occasionally to take pictures.

It rained lightly around noon time when we walked on the sky-line.

Around 2:00 pm, Ruth took us to a beautiful restaurant nearby. The building and inside decorations are European styles which were extremely elegant. On our way home, we stopped at Chiayi city to have ‘turkey rice dinner”.

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