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Taiwan Mission Trip — Guogou 1

October 15,2009

Before departing to Chiayi, Annie drove us to join a women’s small group meeting and introduced us to the group. I played two violin pieces for the blessing of the group. Then, we tour Tunghai University and took a photo of the famous Luce Memorial Chapel designed by Pei. (more…)

Taiwan Mission Trip — Nantou 2

October 14, 2009
We left for the trip to the Nantou mountains around 9:00 am. Annie drove us to meet with Pastor T.J. Hsieh and his wife, Pastor Aman at the off ramp of Highway 3. T.J. then drove his SUV (donated by Life-River ministry) and took us to the mountains. Along the road, we saw damaged road, buildings, houses, and farms. The road is under reconstructions and the tourist traffic is not there.


Taiwan Mission Trip — Nantou 1

Last night, John and I went to VGM’s prayer meeting at China Evangelical Seminary (華神). We met Pastor Chen and students from 華神. Pastor Chen gave a briefing of VGM’s missionary work. (more…)

Taiwan Mission Trip


Last month (September), I spent most of the time planning the Taiwan mission trip with my Saddleback church friends. This mission trip was initiated by Annie Hung as the 88-flood disaster relief efforts including the visits of certain Taiwan local churches. (more…)

Respect the History of Christian Tradition and Doctrine

J.P. Moreland’s article “What, Exactly, Is An Evangelical?” pointed out that frequently, the media labeled Evangelicals as Fundamentalists and the Religious Right. He further pointed out that this identification is false and harmful to the spirit of civil public discourse. Evangelicals are neither the Fundamentalists nor the Religious Right. Evangelicalism is not primarily a social, political, or cultural movement. At its core, it is to be defined theologically. The need to define Evangelical is elaborated in more details in “An Evangelical Manifesto”. (more…)

Music Education in Taiwan

I was fortunate to learn violin playing in private lessons 50 years ago when this considered being the privilege of the elites and the rich class. Today, I am asking the same question “Is playing violin only the rights of the elite and the rich?” (more…)

Visit Village Gospel Center – Guogou, Chiayi, Taiwan

After years of planning to visit Taiwan Village Gospel centers, I had the opportunity to travel to Guogou village (Chiayi county) this June. It is both an exciting event and an eye-opening experience. The mission is not only to proclaim the Gospel but also to serve the local village. (more…)